Identify, monitor and protect any IUCN Red Listed species and national conservation list species

Roi Et Rajabhat University encompasses extensive green spaces, including forests and grassy fields, providing habitats for a diverse range of wildlife. The university serves as a seasonal refuge for migratory birds. There are strict regulations in place within the university premises to prohibit the hunting or disturbance of both migratory and nationally protected wildlife species, such as certain species of birds, as outlined in the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act of 2019.

From the survey of flora and fauna for conservation purposes within the university, it has been discovered that there are certain plant species that are classified as vulnerable according to the UICN Red List, such as the Gardenia sootepensis. Additionally, ancient plants have been found, including the Gnetum montanum, which is a non-flowering plant.

Figure 1 : Roi Et Rajabhat University’s Plant Diversity Database Source:

Figure 2: Gnetum montanum, the rare living species found in RERU green area

Figure 3: The Asian Water Monitor (Varanus salvator), found at Rajabhat University of Roi Et, is a protected species under the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2019 (B.E. 2562).