The university takes into consideration the impact on biodiversity and the environment in its development planning.

Due to Rajabhat University of Roi Et being located in a green zone, there is a policy in place for conserving natural resources, environment, safety, and public health. In Article 1 of the declaration, it is stipulated that university buildings and constructions must provide maximum benefits and be appropriately designed. Impact assessments on health, environment, and biodiversity must be conducted before any construction plans are implemented. The university must maintain at least 30% of green space and have an area capable of absorbing water equivalent to at least 40% of the total area.

The university has a policy and practice in place to construct new buildings with energy efficiency in mind. This includes reducing the use of concrete, increasing water-absorbing areas, and avoiding encroachment on green spaces. Construction is planned to occur only in designated areas as outlined in the master plan.

Figure 1 : Green area and open space 24/7 available for public use

Figure 2: Designated Construction Area According to the University’s Master Plan

Figure 3: Energy-Efficient Building Blueprint Certificates for Building A and Building B, which are currently under construction in 2023.

Image 5: Certificate for the Multipurpose Classroom and Laboratory Building A, which is an energy-efficient building.

Image 6: Certificate for the Multipurpose Classroom and Laboratory Building B, which is an energy-efficient building.