Plastic waste reducing policy and practice

In 2022, Rajabhat Roi Et University signed a declaration of intent to reduce and discontinue the use of single-use plastics within universities nationwide. This policy took effect on September 14, 2022. In 2023, Which leads to the announcement of the policy on natural resource and environmental conservation, safety, and occupational health, “Item 3: Waste Management” states that the university is committed to sustainable, efficient, and safe waste management practices. Additionally, in subsection 3.6, it is specified that the university has a policy to reduce plastic usage. This involves using reusable water bottles and bags as alternatives to single-use plastic containers, or employing other relevant methods. All units within the university are required to implement these policies. Furthermore, the university also educates students in nearby schools and communities about waste reduction.

This initiative has been extended to all departments and implemented through various methods, such as…

  1. Roi Et Rajabhat University reduces the use of plastic bottles, plastic cups, straws by allowing people to bring their own cups to meetings/faculty activities. In unavoidable cases, only one water bottle will be given out. If participants would like to drink more water, please bring a water bottle and fill it with water to drink during the activity from the drinking water tank provided. To reduce the amount of plastic waste And the plastic waste generated will be separated and sold to companies that purchase waste for further recycling.
  2. The university has taken steps to provide knowledge about reducing the use of paper and disposable plastic to the community and schools surrounding the university.
  3. The university encourages students, faculty, and staff to use reusable containers instead of plastic cups for holding drinks. By giving souvenir glasses with the university logo on various occasions.

Figure 1 : MOU for reduce plastic waste (since 2022-present)

Figure 2: front page of MOU

Full paper :

Figure 2 : Use reusable container instead-off single use coffee cup

Figure 3: Providing waste management education to students in schools near the university