Roi Et Rajabhat University support and/or organise events aimed to promote conservation and sustainable utilisation of the land, including forests and wild land

Environmental objectives of the 5-year strategic plan (2023-2027) Roi Et Rajabhat University

The 5-year strategic plan of Roi Et Rajabhat University aims for the university as an organization. It is a nature and environment conservation institute. It is a resource for academic services in conservation of natural resources and the environment. Providing innovative academic services and technology for rehabilitation Preserve natural resources and the environment for the community. It is a model agency following the plant conservation project under the royal initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (A.S.P.S.) The university expects its students and staff to volunteer in conserving natural resources and the environment. The university structure has been improved to be physically, chemically, and biologically safe. And finally, it is a green university that is environmentally friendly and is ranked 1 in 20 in Thailand according to the Green University Index Ranking, which is evaluated by the University of Indonesia. To achieve these objectives, Roi Et Rajabhat University has been implementing projects in line with its 5th strategic goal, which focuses on the continuous conservation of natural resources and the environment. They have also established the RERU Green University website to report on their activities and disseminate related information to the public. (

Figure 1 : Roi Et Rajabhat University Green University Project


In 2023, Roi Et Rajabhat University carried out the second phase of the project to develop a biodiversity and local knowledge learning resource. They surveyed the accumulated carbon content in the Kog Toong Pa and the areas surrounding the university. Additionally, they initiated the first phase of the project to establish a database of plant diversity within the university. This project has been ongoing since 2022.

The survey revealed the presence of 76 species of plant, belonging to 60 genera and 38 families within the surveyed area. The accumulated carbon content was calculated to be 70.37 tons per hectare. This transformation has turned Roi Et Rajabhat University into a place of relaxation and tranquility, providing knowledge about the biodiversity of plants. It also serves as a site for preserving local plant genetics. This initiative raises awareness among youth and the public about the sustainable conservation and utilization of natural resources and terrestrial ecosystems.

Figure 2 : Activity for Developing Biodiversity Learning Resources and Local Knowledge – Surveying Accumulated Carbon

Source/Additional Information: Project Report

Figure 3 : Roi Et Rajabhat University’s Plant Diversity Database


In addition, the university supports the activities of student clubs related to the conservation of natural resources and the environment. For example, the “New Star Green Heart Club” received a silver medal in the national competition for youth conservation of natural resources and the environment (Green Youth) in 2023.

Figure 5 : National-level Green Youth Award – Silver Medal

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The mentioned club continues to conduct ongoing activities, such as providing knowledge to students at the university’s demonstration school on how to make compost from leftover leaves and grass. They also utilize collected leaves within the university’s premises to create biodegradable containers. Additionally, they run campaigns related to the conservation of natural resources and the environment

Figure 4 : Activity of Creating Biodegradable Leaf Containers


Figure 5 : Activity of Seed Collection for Seedling Distribution


Figure 6 : Activity of Recycling Plastic for Seedling Pots


Additional Information: Report on the Activities of the New Star Green Heart Club

Furthermore, in addition to the aforementioned projects and activities, Roi Et Rajabhat University has integrated conservation activities into various courses, both general education and specialized. For example, in the biology laboratory of the Botany course, fallen leaves are utilized to create natural dyes, adding value to them. Additionally, they use these leaves in the process of eco-printing to create patterned fabrics.

Figure 8: Activity of Creating Leaf-Printed Fabric using eco-printing Technique


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